Megan Denver


My beekeeping began as a young child on my father’s dairy farm near Delhi, New York where we kept beehives behind the sugar shack. I've been working in the bees for twelve years now and they have become my life.

I started Hudson Valley Bee in 2013 to create a hub of resources for local beekeepers and help grow a strong and sustainable beekeeping community in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Patent Wall Farm feels like legacy work and every chance I get I'm there. We want the farm to be a model for small sustainable farming.


Jorik Phillips

King of everything

I began my fascination with bees when I installed my first seven colonies in hives of my own making. Since then, my fascination has grown into a passion and full time business.

Part of my growing business includes removing bees from old barns and farm houses near my home in Huntersland, New York. I started noticing a recurring story of how these wild bees had lived on their own for decades in these buildings. It seemed only logical to incorporate these feral, survivor bees into my bees genetic pool. With Megan I now run hundreds of hives, teach, sell nucs, honey, queens and am a partner at Hudson Valley Bee.


Joe Krein

community Liason

Joe is a beekeeper, farmer, mycologist, outdoor survival guide and avid botanist.